Golden Girls: Not so “family-friendly”


Recently, I saw a post on the Facebook page of Hallmark Channel USA commemorating the late actress’s birthday, Beatrice Arthur, who starred in Golden Girls and Maude.

It surprised me to see Hallmark Channel USA promoting the actress and these shows. I took a glance at the Hallmark Channel website and they claim their shows are “family-friendly” and even lists Golden Girls as one of them.

Like the rest of America, I enjoyed watching Golden Girls, their quirks and banter which always ended up at their small kitchen dinette with a plate of cheesecake. It took me several years to even start watching the show, despite hearing the raves of everyone else. It certainly is not what I thought it to be at all.

But taking a closer look, you’ll find it’s not very family-friendly at all…especially to those families with children.

Let’s take a look at the characters:

Blanche: Prides herself on her sex life and appearance.
Dorothy: A Sarcastic woman whose head appears to be straight until she sleeps with her ex-husband.
Rose: The unassuming, naive “nitwit” from Minnesota.
Sophia: The bitter old woman with her dry humor.

There are many more dimensions to each of these characters. There are many morally-appealing qualities and circumstances that occur on the show. But my mentality is if there is a truth and a lie mixed together, it’s a lie.

What is amazing is what they do. On the show, they talk about sex. Nearly every episode I have ever watched, there is a conversation about sex, sexual implications and jokes.

I remember watching an episode not too long ago about the character Dorothy having sex with her ex-husband. She even said “the sex was great.” To where her roommate Blanche replied, “it’s so hard to break up with someone when the sex is great.” They carried on further talking about his “parking break” and having sex in his car. And it doesn’t stop there, they talk about having premarital sex, as if it deserves them some sort of bragging rights. The show has an entire character whose image is directly to the promotion of sex. Blanche prides herself on her past sexual encounters, sexual positions and stamina, and her physical appearance.

Sure, their life situations do happen in real life to real people, but when it’s the object of laughter and entertainment, I have an issue when a wonderful channel such as Hallmark Channel USA calls it “family-friendly.”

Upon further research I discovered hundreds of women admitted having watched this show and others like it during their youth. They don’t see what is wrong with it and they believe that children watching this show do not pick up on the sexual conversations so it won’t affect them…that’s foolish.

It says in the Bible (1 Peter 5:8) always be wary and alert, for the enemy lurks around every corner. I have since stopped watching this show, although the reruns are still airing on TV. I have stopped watching other shows like Friends and King of Queens as well. (That’ll be for another post!)

It’s no wonder why our culture is so heavily engrossed with sex. Sex has become our culture, the idol of many Americans today, and the root of an epidemic which only continues to grow. Sex in itself is not a bad thing. However, when it’s warped and becomes socially acceptable outside of marriage, and out of the definitions set forth by our Creator, then I am worried.

Our choices of entertainment have always been slightly controversial with one another but the entertainment choices we make for our children will have a lasting impression.

I want my child to learn about sex from the conversations I have with her when she’s old enough. Not from the conversations three old women discuss around their kitchen table. It may seem harmless to many of you, but in everything we do we must be mindful (1 Corinthians 16:13, 2 Timothy 4:5) and that includes what we allow to penetrate our minds and ultimately our hearts (1 Corinthians 15:33).

Hallmark Channel USA should not be promoting television like this, especially when it carries the weight of it’s clean reputation for “family-friendly” entertainment.


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